"A beautiful voice and great guitarist evoking something classic and familiar, Cosmos brings a groove that reminds you of the past while moving into the future..." - Dave Drewitz Ween, JRAD

"I've been checking Cosmos out since back in the 90's and he's always stood out to me. He's the real deal" - Aaron Comess The Spin Doctors

"Cosmos is not only a great guitar player whose style is both rocking and soulful, but also a killer songwriter.  His songs are very well crafted and his melodies and thoughtful guitar parts always blend beautifully for a very unique result, which these days is extremely refreshing." - Peter Levin Gregg Allman Band, Blind Boys of Alabama

SKOPE MAGAZINE - Album Review:

Cosmos Sunshine has a unique quality that comes pouring out of him and his music thanks in huge part to his distinctive background.  This is a refreshing artist for Today that’s tapping into more than one style while incorporating a wide array of colorful elements. The stars and the planets are aligning just so and just right for Cosmos Sunshine and ‘Come With The Fall’.

SONGWRITING MAGAZINE - Featuring the single “The Bomb”

Strung out like Jason Molina, but skilfully contained within three-and-a-half minutes, this slice of alt-rock deserves to put Cosmos Sunshine Heidtmann on the map. A gentle flute is the perfect counterpoint to his shaky vocals on a song that is both beauty and beast.

THE SOUTHERN SOUNDING Blog - Feature & Review of the single ‘Letdown”

On his latest single, "Letdown," he delivers a jolt of pure rock 'n' roll that rides up your spine before settling down into the deepest parts of your brain. The guitars shake the ground while the drums hammer away at your senses. It's also etched with the dense grooves of vivid psychedelic rock music, a loud and cacophonous rattle that hearkens back to the late '60s and early '70s. But he's not interested in simple nostalgia -- this expansive hard rock roar is its own beast, a careening explosion of emotion and heartfelt experience. "Letdown" seems intent on smashing our assumptions about modern rock and reveals the intrigue and undiscovered depths of a familiar sound.

PASTE MAGAZINE - Featureing the single ‘The Bomb”

Floating psychedelic melodies combine with a spacey rock groove as Cosmos Sunshine releases the second single, “The Bomb” off his upcoming album due out May 25. With a surreal imagery swirling throughout, the soft timbre of a flute, and sustained notes wind across the melody’s atmospheric plane.

GLIDE MAGAZINE - Premiere of the album “Comes With The Fall”:

Glide is proud to premiere the album Comes With The Fall in its entirety a whirling dervish space rock album that makes for one of 2018’s true gems. Cosmos Sunshine combines thick, bleeding tones, tough riffs and enough blues and garage purism to create a much needed rock revival.

MAGNET Mix Tape - Feature in which I select and describe a number of my favorite songs:



Cosmos Sunshine has managed, on this disc, to mesh classic rock vocals, garage band impulses, and even a few harmony vocal influences. This disc could go over well with stoners looking for something to get high to or to classic rock aficiandos who would enjoy throwing themselves into the task of trying to identify exactly what inspired each piece. The production value makes it something that sounds good, from the lead vocal to the electric guitar parts to that elusive but tangible flute sound.